Understand The Dangerous Signs Of Hands And Think About Life

Dangerous Signs Of Hands

The best physician evaluates the underlying disease with only a few symptoms and then confirms the condition by initiating or performing a pre-test based on this estimate. Symptoms from different parts of our body indicate many diseases. - However, here we will mention the diseases you are referring to - if your hands are showing any of the following symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately so that timely treatment can be done. To get started.

Shaky hands reveal: Parkinson's disease
Hand tremor is usually an indication that you should reduce the use of items containing caffeine, such as coffee - in addition to the side effects of inhalation medication, sometimes Seems like - but if one hand tremors, this is the first indication of Parkinson's disease - you should consult your doctor immediately and be aware of it.

Nail color reveals: Kidney disease
Indian researchers conducted a study on more than 100 kidney patients - researchers found 36% of patients 'nails were split into two colors - the surface of their patients' nails was white, while the upper part was brown. The nails were likely due to anemia and kidney disease.

Grip strength reveals: Heart health
According to Lancet's research, weak hand grip indicates a high risk of developing heart attack and stroke and is also difficult to avoid - a study conducted on approximately 100,000 people in 17 countries. According to researchers, the power of the grip of the hands indicates the strength and health of all muscles.

Sweaty palms reveal: Hyperthyroidism
Stickiness in the hands and excessive sweating can also be indicative of thyroid impairment - the sweat glands are unnecessarily over-active - most people have sweated in one or two parts of the body such as Consult your doctor - on the armpits or the feet - to prevent the production of excessive sweating and to find out the root cause.

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