Why Pregnant Women Should Not Eat These Foods

Why Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a condition when a baby is growing in the womb of a woman. It is very sensitive to both the mother and the baby, but on this occasion, it is the responsibility of the mother to protect her baby as well.

Therefore, it is important to be very careful not to cause any of this to be dangerous to the baby - in this case, where the mother needs a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, there are some things. They can be dangerous for both mother and baby, so it's important to be careful today. We will tell you about some of these things.

1: Don't eat too much
Usually, a pregnant woman is bored to believe that you are no longer one or two, so you need a double diet. The impression is wrong. A pregnant woman needs only a few hundred calories of extra energy. Which does not require a lot of food to satisfy, but can also be met with nutritious and high energy nutrients -

2: by eating raw or cooked
Foods that are not correctly cooked increase the chances of getting bacteria and other germs in them, so the use of these foods increases the chances of food poisoning that is harmful to both mother and baby.

3: Caffeine drinks
The list of caffeine products includes tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolates, and in some cases, colds. It should not take more than one day, and a cup of coffee contains up to 100 grams of caffeine. Caffeine reduces the baby's development and reduces weight gain, which causes complications after birth. As well as its use may increase the chances of premature birth -

4: Additional supplements
Supplements are drugs of strength that pregnant women use to treat their weakness when they consider themselves ill but are unaware that these medicines are intended to make them sicker rather than empowered. For example, excessive use of steel can irritate the chest. Folic acid requirement before pregnancy stops. It has no role in pregnancy. Vitamin D can be met by spending some time in the sun instead of taking any kind of medication when it is needed. It is important to abstain from taking vitamin A supplements as it may be dangerous for the baby.

5: A fish containing mercury
Such fish, which have a high amount of mercury in the meat, can be hazardous for the pregnant woman and her baby's nervous system, so such fish should be avoided. Usually, the amount of mercury inside the sea is high, but the fish produced in the farm can be eaten, but careful eating should be done with too much food.

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