Why? Women Should Eat Daily These Dried Fruit

 Dried Fruit

Do not take more than a handful of dry fruits throughout the day, so every child is a favorite of young men and women, but very few are aware of their utility. As the winter arrives, the ladies decorate a large dish of Dried  fruit on their dining table, and the housemates and visiting guests enjoy it.

Almonds are regarded as the king of dry fruits. Almonds should be chewed and eaten; if six or seven drops of almonds are soaked in water at night and peeled off in the morning, then they are useful for the eyes as well as the brain. Use raisins with almonds. Avoid bitter almonds as they contain a specific type of poison that causes eye disease.

Walnut :
The vitamins and minerals found in it not only strengthen the cells, but they also speed up metabolism. Walnuts should be eaten in small quantities as it can cause sore throat and blisters in the mouth. Drinking tea after eating nuts is harmful because it creates a cough. However, eating roasted nuts cures cough. Do not use raisins with walnuts.

This is especially useful for the liver and kidneys. Cholesterol is not found in it. A small amount of chloroform is helpful in the long run. Use glucose always after meals, or else hunger may be lost. Also, note that eating more than 20 grams of sugar can cause head and body aches.

Cashew :
Cashew, magnesium, and unrefined grease are considered cashews very suitable for people of all ages and genders. Unlike other dry fruits, cashew nuts are a bit poisonous, so they are taken off and eaten. Fiber can be used in rashes, broken heels, and anti-fungal treatments. Women who suffer from sweating are incredibly harmful.

Low blood pressure and heart are beneficial for the brain. Eating handfuls of pistachios throughout the day provides the required amount of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein. Cough is usually treated with pistachios, but it can also cause cough if consumed with the necessary amount.

Peanuts cause weight gain, but also use fennel to increase the efficacy of peanuts. Peanuts should have a red peel off and eat. Most people think that peanuts are coughing, though it is caused by raw peanuts.

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