What Everyone Must Know About The Moon Is Moving Away From The Earth.

 Moon is moving away from the Earth
                                                  Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Visualhunt.com / CC BY
The Moon was once part of the Earth, but then separated from the Earth and made its existence according to science.

The Moon separated 4.5 billion years ago from Earth and the distance to the Moon at 384400 km from the Earth at that time, and you will be surprised to know only 85 million years ago, the Moon was only 35 feet from Earth.

The Moon is moving away from the Earth very slowly; at this time, the Moon is moving 4 cm away from the Earth annually, and according to scientists, this speed can be accelerated at any time, and scientists are worried about this. If the Moon goes far beyond the Earth, what will be its effects on the Earth?

According to a scientific estimate, the Moon's orbit will reach its maximum after 50 billion years. At this point, the Moon can be seen from one side of the Earth at all times, and it will not appear at all on the other side, and it will happen as soon as the Earth is viewed from the Moon then the Earth appears on one side of the Moon all the time.

Scientists say that at that time, the Moon will stop moving, and its same image will appear all the time. Scientists say that the Moon's attraction has been steadily increasing over the last few billion years, resulting in the Moon's continuous Earth. Moving away from

The weather on Earth is continually changing from the Moon to the Earth, and the seawater is rising in the ocean, and science is only watching it with limited knowledge because science does not have the power to stop it.

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