Facebook will Become a Graveyard of Dead People Line up to 2070 New Research

Facebook will become a graveyard of dead people line up to 2070 new research.

Did you know that Facebook will have more profiles of the dead than the living by 2070 and that the crowning king of today's social media Facebook will become an online cemetery of the dead by the end of this century, rather than the living? Men will have more IDs.

According to a study, Facebook users who have been creating their profiles on Facebook, according to Facebook, will continue to join Facebook by 1.4 billion to 4.9 billion people using Facebook by 2100. Indians and Americans will be the majority because of the large population.

These data from the census of the research have raised many difficult questions as to where the deceased's data will go and who has control over it and how will Facebook manage that data. Have access to friends and relatives data.

Facebook is currently the world's largest social media network. In March 2019, 2.38 billion people logged on to their Facebook IDs within a month, and Facebook has 1.56 billion users, according to Facebook. Log in daily Looking at these Facebook figures and the average age in the United States; experts estimate that 500 million people using Facebook will be out of this world by 2060, and that number will reach one billion by 2079. Will be gone, and by 2100, 98% of current Facebook users will have died, and according to these figures, by 2100, there will be 4.6 billion dead profiles that will exceed those who are still alive. And Facebook will continue to be a virtual cemetery that Facebook has not yet considered how it manages.

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