Vitamin B Deficiency Headache

Vitamin B Deficiency Headache


If there is an occasional headache, we take control of it by taking medicine. Still, if it is regularly, then surely our body is deficient in one vitamin, which causes frequent Headache or migraine. Is.

A recent study has revealed that if our body is deficient in vitamin B, our headaches often begin to suffer. The study included 52 people who often had headaches or had migraine problems. Experts provided vitamin B with half of them and found that people who ate vitamin B Headache decreased by 50%.

Experts say that if you have headaches, you should also use vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid. You should eat plenty of nutrients that contain the vitamins described above. These foods are listed below so that using them will help protect you from future headaches.

Dried and fresh fruits, spinach, eggs, fish, meat, rice, poultry, kale, yogurt, milk, peanuts

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