Interesting Research - younger sister makes older sister fatter

Interesting Research

For any girl, the younger sister is an invaluable gift of power, which means having fun in life. She is a companion to sorrow, and she is the confidant of everything, she wears your old clothes and shares her new things with you. And no doubt the younger sister is Wonderful.

While the younger sister has many advantages, we all know that she has some disadvantages, especially if she is offended, so she can play an essential role in bringing you the protection of the elders because  She's an all-time friend and her annoyance is extremely dangerous. Still, in this article, we're going to tell you new research that suggests that if you have a younger sister, her older sister will be fat. Chances are high.
This new study was conducted on 26812 Swedish women, with the results suggesting that the body mass index BMI of older sister generally increases with a younger sister and is thicker. According to the study, older sisters are usually younger at birth. They are thinner, but as they grow older and have babies, they become thicker than the younger ones, and their mod mass index is 2.4% higher than the younger sister.

Experts in this study obtained more results, saying that the chances of obesity are 28 to 29 percent higher than the younger sister of the firstborn sister, experts say. There are a few basic reasons for this to happen. The reason is that when the mother first gives birth to the baby, the breastfeeding vessels of the baby in the stomach are thinner, which usually results in the first baby feeding the baby in the mother's womb. Supply is low, in which case babies start to store fat inside and the insulin hormone in their bodies It is slow to die to grow.
According to another theory, mothers usually feed more of the firstborn baby and fill their stomachs normally so that they look more healthy, and this habit of over-eating does not end with their babies growing up. They become obese with hoofs and piles.

According to another theory, parents usually spend more money on older children, and their wishes are fulfilled immediately, in which their desire to eat chocolate and dessert is directly fulfilled while the latter is born. Children are not responsive to this river, and this river causes older children to be fat.

Do you have a younger sister And do you think that having a younger sister only causes your obesity after being born? Share your thoughts with us.

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