How did an Elderly Italian Couple in Corona Celebrate Their 50th Wedding Anniversary?

The elderly Italian couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the ICU by fighting love while fighting the corona virus. There is a cure for coronary heart disease. The couple is over 70 years old. A hospital nurse in charge of caring for the elderly couple was told that the couple is about to complete 50 years of marriage and their golden jubilee is imminent.

However, she is being treated in the ICU. The woman, who is being treated at the hospital, told the nurse that her 73-year-old husband took good care of her and loved her dearly. The nurse heard the woman's words and arranged for the wedding to be celebrated with the medical staff and moved the elderly woman's husband to the same bed as her. Cut the cake and decorate it with 50 candles but keep them extinguished in the ICU because oxygen is provided there. The nurse said that the two also held each other's hands while lying on the bed on their wedding anniversary and all the staff Take pictures with the couple.

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