How palmists identify different diseases with hand and wrist lines

Amsterdam knows knowing the past, present, and foreseeable by the hand. Still, since this knowledge has no proof like science to prove itself, a large number of qualified people criticize it and waste it. And ignores the saying of the fabricated things altogether.

But scholars do not often ignore these theories of Palmistry and count and study it in pseudoscience.

In this article, we will study this theory of true or false chemistry without having to go into the discussion in which Pammist diagnoses various ailments, whether present or future, with the lines of the hands and wrists.
Wrist Lines

These lines, called Bracelet Lines, begin at the joint of the hand and wrist, and Palmist studies these lines with the right-hand wrist in men and the wrist on the left side in women.
Usually, people have two or three lines of wrists, and very few people have full three lines, and very few are those who have four lines on their wrists.
The first line of the wrist
The first line of the wrist is considered a line of health and immortality near Palmist, and it reflects human health and social and economic status in life from 1 to 28 years.
For Palmist, if the wrist first line is deep and straight, it is considered a sign of a healthy life and a sign of being economically stable.
And if the line is thin or cut or sluggish, it is considered to be a sign of a weak body, and Palmist says that if such people do not properly care for their food, at the age of 28, they will Many diseases can be pervasive and most commonly have concerns for the appearance of lung and kidney diseases; first-line weakness is also considered a symptom of prostate, or bladder disease, in men.

And if the first line of women were as weak and broken, then it is feared that she will have difficulties in the birth of the first baby, and if she does not take precautions, then the first one may be lost, plus the weakness of the line. Symptoms of infertility are also considered in women.
The second line on wrist

The second line of the wrist shows the health and social and economic status of humans in Palmistry from 28 years to 56 years of age.
According to Palmist, if the second line is deep and straight, it is considered a sign of having a healthy life, as well as a sign of being socially and economically strong.

Second-line weakness, drowsiness, or brokenness on the wrist is considered a sign of poor health, and Palmist says such people are prone to diseases like high cholesterol and blood pressure and are likely to heart disease. The risk is higher.
The third line on the wrist

This line is considered a sign of health and socioeconomic status in the life of old age, and the deep and straight line of the line is viewed as a sign of good health and well-being, and Palmists say that the deep third line is long and healthy. They get old, and if the fourth line is sloppy, or cut off, or thin, such people tend to get old and are not able to survive for long.
The fourth line on the wrist
Palmists say that the third line on the wrist is rarely present, and those who have this line on the wrist are more likely to be happy and multifaceted and have a more extensive family base and if the line is deep and long. If so, such individuals themselves and their families gain strength and power in society and look prominent in other people.

Regarding women who do not have a health line, Palmists say that they do not suffer from health problems.
Health Line on Hand
Palmists refers to the health line in addition to the other lines on the hand, and the deep and straight line of the line is considered to be a sign of good and healthy life, and the weak or broken head of the line is poor health. And identifies many diseases.

If there are breaks in the health line, it is a sign of financial distress, and if there are cuts to the health line, such people are more likely to suffer accidents, if there is a circle on the health line, Palms said. So according to the Palmist Theories, such people are prone to diseases that require surgery.
And if the line is like a thorn, then people may suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure, which weaken the human body.

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