The African is Buried in a Grave with his Mercedes

After his death under a will, the African is buried in a grave with his Mercedes


Most people write their wills after their deaths and their heirs carry them out, but a 72-year-old man in South Africa made a unique will before he died that he was buried with his car after his death. According to Arab TV, Tazkidi Betsu, 72, had instructed his family to put his body in the driver's seat of his car when he died so that it would look as if a living person was driving. The same situation after that

I will take me down to the grave. Betsu passed away last weekend and his body was buried in the grave with his car according to his will. His body was placed behind the steering wheel of a Mercedes car and he was later buried. The body was also fastened with a seat belt. The family of the late Zakidi Betsu says Betsuko was very interested in German cars, especially Mercedes cars, and often asked his friends and relatives to bury him in his car.

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