The Journey of Hours can be Settled in Minutes: Scientist


If we want to go to the other side of the Earth just below the city of Lahore, we will have to cover 20 thousand kilometers but if we make a straight hole on the other side of the Earth below the city of Lahore instead of traveling to the ground level and What if you jump in it?
If we can make such a hole, then we will go to the other side of the Earth in the sea of ?? South America where the nearest country has gone and that too 608 km but if we can make a straight hole in the ground from Argentina. If done, the hole will come out on the other side of China.

Scientists divide the Earth into three basic parts after the Earth's surface.

    Outer Core
    Inner Core

Humans have not been able to cross these three parts to date, and if we start drilling at the surface of the Earth, we will find Devil Worm about three and a half kilometers to the bottom. I discovered, and then the temperature will start to rise beyond the 3600 m depth.
Four thousand meters below the surface of the Earth, the temperature will reach 60C below where we will need ice to cool down the atmosphere, further deepening the hole when it reaches 8800 meters below ground. The top of the mountain will be as deep as Mount Everest, and you will be glad to know that man has gone even further under the Earth, and the riders by the name of Kola Superdeep Borehole have so far drilled to a depth of 12260 meters. What is it?

At this depth, the temperature of the Earth exceeds 180 degrees, and the pressure level is 4,000 times higher than the pressure of the sea, and if you reach this point while drilling, you will need a hole to survive. There will be insulation around that will prevent this extreme temperature from entering the hole, or else you will melt along with your drilling equipment.
If you drill down to 40 thousand meters, the second layer of Earth will start from here Mantle, and at this point, the temperature of the Earth will reach close to 1 thousand degrees where iron and silver are melted, but the good news is that the steel. Will not melt because the temperature must be above 1370 degrees for the steel to melt so you will be able to go further down when drilling the ground surface mantle made of rocks above the steel drill and when When you reach 1 million meters, your steel drill will stop working. It will melt, and you will need to go further down. And may not need a drill that molten metal at this temperature.

When you get down to one and a half million meters while drilling, you will have fun because here, you will find numerous diamonds because the pressure and heat of the Earth change the structure of the carbon atom, and the diamond comes into existence. At this depths of the Earth, you will find everything, including iron and rocks, melting like a volcano.

If you can get to the bottom of the Earth from this point, the lava will disappear at a depth of 4 million to 10 thousand meters, and the reefs will start to rise again at this depth of the Earth, but the rocks are very high. It does not melt because the Earth's crusting grows to a point where the molecules do not melt so that the stones regenerate.

When you drill, when you reach a depth of 3 million meters, you will find the third layer of earth Outer Core, which is made of iron and nickel instead of rocks and the temperature is equal to the surface of the sun, and It is about 5 to 6 thousand degrees hot. This layer is the most important layer of Earth because it produces magnetic fluids that move beyond the surface of the Earth to space and make a barrier and protect the surface of the Earth from solar winds. On this surface of the Earth, you will find iron and molten nickel air, and a super-metal is required to drill, and the human intellect has not yet given such a thing. Not able to withstand temperatures above 6,000 degrees.
At this point, the other big problem you will have to drill is that gravity will be very low here, and you will need a super submarine that can withstand so much pressure and depth and when you go Outer Core. When drilling down further down, you will find about 5 million meters below the Earth's Inner Core, made of solid iron. The gravity here will be zero, and drilling into this layer of Earth will help you more. It will be difficult, but if you succeed here, you will reach the middle of the ground about 6 million 4 million meters down and drill forward. You did not have to Climb upwards instead of down.

I hope that if you reach six indexes 4 million meters down, then you will undoubtedly succeed in climbing the cliff to the other side of the Earth, and if you succeed in doing so, there will be a hole across the Earth. And you only need an hour to travel from Argentina to China, and you will jump from one side of the hole to the other, and this jump will take you to the other side of the hole.

You will need many other things to jump into this hole in the Earth, such as a spacesuit that can withstand pressure, etc. But to this day, no human has been able to do so, and shortly, it seems impossible. But one thing can not be denied that Allah has given man intellect to understand, and nothing is impossible in understanding.

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