The Unique Wedding of an American Bride in Lockdown

The lockdown has led to the cancellation of countless couples' marriages around the world, with many preferring to do so simply rather than annulment. This American bride also decided to have her wedding simply but then she did something that caused a stir on the internet. According to Mail Online, the bride named Emily Manashi is from the US state of California. Her marriage to her fianc Paris Ketchie was arranged but then locked up. Emily and Paris simply decided to cancel the marriage.

Decided to get married. Emily then took pictures of the guests to whom she had sent invitations to the wedding and pasted them on all the seats in the church saying that the guests could not come, let alone their pictures. Ok Emily came to church with her father, where the groom was waiting for her, and the pastor got her married. Emily posted a picture of the church hall on social media, showing hundreds of people pasted on the backs of seats. "I wanted all my relatives and friends to attend the wedding and include their prayers in the new beginning of our lives, but it was not possible due to the lockdown," she said. I decided to post pictures of the guests so that we could feel their presence. "Internet users are applauding Emily's move and wishing her well.

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