Headphones Can Make You Suffer From Dangerous Diseases

Beautiful and expensive headphones can make you suffer from dangerous diseases, warns dermatologist

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Beautiful and expensive headphones are now commonplace among young people listening to music, but of course, these young people are not aware of the dangers that headphones can bring to us. Dr Debra Excessive use of large headphones that cover the ears entirely can cause them to accumulate bacteria that can spread skin diseases, which can cause itching, rashes and ear problems, says Liftman. He says that especially exercise.

Or you are wearing ear-covering headphones while walking is more harmful because sweat accumulates moisture in them, which provides the best environment for the germs to grow, and says that although you may love your fancy headphones, they are not suitable for your health. Avoid headphones that completely cover the ears and use small headphones instead that do not include the ears and do not cause moisture and germs. If you are forced to use large headphones, make sure they are cleaned regularly. Makeup remover can be used for this. Also, clean your ears daily and make sure they are dehydrated before wearing the headphones.

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